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Erb Builders Ltd. has been providing top quality construction of homes and commercial buildings to customers for 30 years. We use a team approach to each project bringing together a network of design professionals and skilled trades specialists. The result? A finished product that displays consistent high quality and exceptional value.

Do our customers like what we do? Apparently so! Over 50% of our projects are repeat orders and referrals!

Frequently Asked Questions
What types of buildings does Erb Builders construct?

  • Commercial buildings
  • Personal homes
  • Multi-Unit residences
  • Garages
  • Additions
  • Custom Designed buildings

Does Erb Builders Ltd. just build luxury homes?
No, we build houses ranging from a simple single residence to executive homes to luxury retirement get-aways. Although we strive to build to your budget, we will not compromise quality in materials or workmanship just to make a profit.

Can I use my own plans?
Erb Builders will use your plans if they are detailed and complete. If you don't have detailed plans, we have a wide variety of stock building plans to choose from. Or, through our network of design professionals, we can arrange plans to be drawn up for your dream home.

Do I need and Interior Decorator?
Erb Builders has a network of design professionals available to our customers. We can co-ordinate every aspect of the project from architectural plans to interior design to actual construction. Although some customers prefer to 'shop around' for different services, most love our 'package deal' approach since it is more efficient and less expensive in the long run.

I would like to retire in the Maritimes. Can Erb Builders handle my project?
Certainly! We can manage all aspects of building your dream retirement home - from finding that choice piece of land to design and construction. One of our recent projects involved an international customer who wanted a luxury home in a isolated are close to a major airport. This home in Seely's Cove, New Brunswick, Canada was featured in dwell magazine in August 200.For photos of this home, click here.

Can I get an cost estimate based on my plans?
Yes, you can. Based on the plans and information you give us, Erb Builders will give you a free estimate.

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